10 Best Stick Welding Machines

Best Stick Welding Machine


Welders join two or more pieces of metal to form one solid piece by simultaneously applying heat to soften them and applying pressure to connect them. Stick welders, also known as arc welders, use an electrified arc that flows between a welding stick and the metal to join the pieces. Wire-fed welders use an electrified wire spool that is fed at a constant speed between the pieces of metal to join them. If your projects require a lot of outdoor welding or you find yourself in challenging positions, then a stick welder machine might just be the right equipment for you. With a stick welder, you won’t need to worry about gas at all. You’ll still receive a great penetration with your metal, especially if you are using structural-weight steel. There aren’t any wind concerns to worry about either.

Stick welding is a process that involves the use of a covered electrode called a stick. Another name for stick welding is shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), this method is widely known and used than many other methods of welding. The process works by melting the flux that covers the electrode as the welder works on a work-piece. As the the welding goes on, the stick forms slag and gas. The molten metal and the arc are shielded by these two things. Then, when the work is finished the welder must chip off the slag. Also, the flux adds deoxidizers, scavengers, and other forms of alloy elements to the metal during the weld.

Top 10  Stick Welding Machine


1| Amico Power DC-160A 160 Amp Dual Voltage IGBT Inverter DC Welding Machine1


Amico Power Welder

A relatively new model made in 2016, Amico Power Welder 160 Amp Dual Voltage Input DC Welder IGBT Inverter Welding Soldering Machine is usable in AC 115V & 230V without any other tool. This is a powerful welder, professionals can use it as well as the hobbyists. With 160 amp and DC input, it works on steel and capable of working on a hard and dense surface like a trailer. This stick welder takes 1/8 rod. As a stick welder, it reduces the nuisance of using gas from another source.


The MMA Stick welder package comes ready to weld; simply add the welding electrodes. It offers infinite amperage control with an LED meter so you can set the machine to your required settings. This welder can work with 1/16-5/32 stick sizes so that you can achieve a consistent weld. You can still achieve 160 amps out of a standard household outlet, but there needs to be a higher amperage rating in the circuit to do so.

2| Arc Stick Welder, 115 Volt, 70 Amp (Campbell Hausfeld WS099001AV)


Campbell Hausfeld 115V

Campbell Hausfeld 115V Stick Welder. A user-friendly welder that out-performs its size. Easy to use, with a smooth arc that even novice welders can command with ease. Perfect for work on sheet metal, vehicle trailers, home appliances, and outdoor equipment like lawnmowers. Easy to start, easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to store… the choice for pros and novices alike! The Campbell Hausfeld 115-volt stick welder (WS099001AV) is designed for home and shop applications.

Easy to use and portable, this welder has a transformer design that provides an easy-starting, smooth arc. Weld with 1/16-inch electrodes on a 15-amp household circuit; a 20-amp circuit is required for welding with 5/64-inch electrodes. Thermal overload protection activates automatically to avoid overheating. Includes hammer/brush, starter pack of electrodes and hand shield. Duty cycle: 20% @ 50A, 10% @ 70A. Weld and ground cable length: 6 feet.

3| EVERLAST PowerARC 140 140amp Lift Start TIG / Stick IGBT Welder Dual Voltage



PowerARC 140ST

If you are looking for maximum flexibility and performance in a small utility class welder package, look no further than the PowerARC 140ST from Everlast. This tiny IGBT inverter welder features both Stick and DC Lift TIG capability. It comes with its own carry case and includes the Stick torch with the cable and DINSE style connector, gas valve TIG torch with cable and DINSE connector and the work clamp.


The welding arc stability isn’t sacrificed with this small unit. The arc quality is on the level of much larger, commercial class machines. The welder features both auto adaptive Hot start and auto adaptive arc force control in Stick mode and improves welability in with hard to start welding electrodes and in situations where rod sticking can be a problem.   One of the best features the PowerARC 140ST has to offer is the 120V/240V dual-voltage capability, which allows the unit to go and weld virtually anywhere there is a clean power source available. Positioning is pretty easy to do with this welder thanks to its overall design. Overhead welding wasn’t an issue at all.

4| Hobart 500502 Stickmate 205 AC Stick (SMAW) Arc Welding Power Source


Hobart 500502

Hobart 500502 Stickmate 205 AC Stick (SMAW) Arc Welding Power Source features accu-set amperage indicator for accurately controlling amperage or heat output. It supports infinite current control that allows the operator to manage output by as little as 1-amp increments. It features forced-draft cooling fan that runs regularly and helps to extend the life of the power source.


This welder comes with a clamp cable length of 10 feet. The electrode cable length is 15 feet, while the power cord is 5 feet in length. You may wish to invest into one of the best welder extension cords to improve the portability of this unit because of this design. It has #4 gauge, 600-am leads, with the stick lead about 3-feet longer than the other. We found the design to be useful for most small-to-medium projects.

5| Century AC-120 Stick Welder, 50-90 amp Output, 120V Input



Century AC-120

The Century AC-120 Stick Welder has a 50 to 90 amp output that supports mild steel stick electrode diameters from 1/16 to 5/64 . The smooth arc provides strong welds on up to 14 gauge steel. It has a 20% duty cycle at 55 amps that allows it to run 2 minutes out of each 10-minute period without overheating. Built-in thermal overload protection provides extended life. The welder comes with a work cable with electrode holder and an input cable with attached three-prong plug.



The unit, as a whole, is pretty lightweight and comes with a secure carrying handle at the top of the case. It has an 85% rated efficiency, features a 1.2m grounding cable, a 1.8m welding holder able, and a protection grade of IP21. You can vary the current from 20 amps up to the max amperage, with a rated duty cycle at the full amperage of 60%. For most small-to-medium jobs, it is going to work effectively – even if you haven’t fully prepped your materials. It also offers an automatic hot-start, which is quite useful.


7| Century Inverter Arc 120 Stick Welder, 10-90 amps, 120VCentury Inverter Arc 10

Century Inverter Arc 10-90 AMPs 120 Stick Welder carries awesome capability to handle most of the welding tasks. It is built in a compact size that delivers 10-90 AMPs output, and it greatly supports mild steel stick electrode diameters from 1/16-inch to 5/64-inch. Of course, it provides flawless welds because of the smooth arc, and welds on 18 gauge sheet metal to 1/4-inch steel. Further, it comes with great temperature setting to perform welding consistently. Also, it comes with 20% duty cycle at 70 AMPs that allows welding professionals to run 2 minutes out of each 10 minutes period without experiencing overheat problems.


The Important specifications are 10 to 90 amps welding range, 20% duty cycle at 70 amps, 120V 1 phase input power, 7.5 x 5.25 x 11.5 inches dimensions and 14 lbs weight. Also, Century Inverter Arc 10-90 AMPs 120 Stick Welder comes with required accessories. These accessories are a shoulder strap, a work cable, an electrode holder, a work clamp, and input cable with attached plug. Designed for portability with a convenient shoulder strap, the Century Inverter Arc 120 Stick Welder outputs 10 – 90-Amp for versatility in a range of applications. This DC stick welder can weld materials up to 1/8 in. thick and includes a 10 ft. work cable, electrode holder and work clamp for added value.


8| Klutch ST80i Inverter-Powered DC Stick Welder with TIG Option – 115 Volt, 20-75 Amp DC, 90 Amp Peak


Klutch ST80i

Klutch ST80i Inverter-Powered DC Stick Welder with TIG Option delivers increased power in a super lightweight package for great quality. It greatly handles fluctuations in input power for regular output and better welds. It needs very less input amperage, minimizing the overall input power requirement by 25-percent when compared with 1/16in, 5/64in, 3/32in electrodes. Klutch ST80i Inverter-Powered DC Stick Welder with TIG Option has smooth DC inverter arc, hot start and anti-stick features for easy and convenient operation.

The ST80i inverter-based stick welder with TIG option from Klutch features powerful 115V inverter technology that can be used almost anywhere. The inverter-based system offers increased power output from a smaller transformer, resulting in an extremely lightweight system that weighs up to 50% less than comparably powered traditional models. It even includes a shoulder strap for ultimate portability. This versatile welder works as hard as you do, handling mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron and hard surfacing.

9| LONGEVITY 721405557523 Stickweld 140 140-AMP Dual Voltage Protable Stick Welder


StickWeld™ Series 140AMP

StickWeld™ Series 140AMP Ultra Portable Arc/Stick/MMA Welder is one of the lightest arc welders on the market at this time weighing in at only 13lbs! This DC stick welder comes with everything that you will need to operate this machine except for welding rods and a power supply. This machine is powered By a high speed cooling fan that will keep this welding machine running longer and cooler than any other ARC welder machine out there on the market. This machine is the ultimate in portability! StickWeld comes with its own suitcase, making traveling from job site to job site simple and easy.

An Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is essential for this kind of welding as it would be for all welding and cutting. Please check out some of the welding helmets that we carry for some great deals and savings. This machine can also operate on either 110v or 220v input power and is a very portable, versatile unit. At 110v, you are are still pushing an impressive 100amps of power.

10| 2017 EVERLAST PowerARC 200ST 200amp TIG Stick IGBT Welder 110/220 Dual Voltage


PowerARC 200ST

The all new PowerARC 200ST is built with the true professional in mind. With 200 amps of DC Stick/Lift TIG welding power, the compact IGBT inverter welder cuts no corners on performance or design. The unit features E6010 welding capability via a dedicated connection port on the front panel of the welder for use on pipelines, shipyards, construction sites, portable repair jobs and pressure and container vessels, and any place requiring the use of E6010 and related cellulose-based welding rods.


For excellent low spatter arc performance on E7018, E7024, E7014 and even stainless class electrodes the unit features another connector port for all other welding rods. In both the 6010 and standard operating modes, the unit feature auto adaptive Hot Start, and auto regulated arc force control, which gives you the amount of arc control you need in almost any situation.   The basic DC Lift TIG capability of this unit also allows the unit to perform well on steel and stainless applications. Although this unit is built for pros who demand the most from their welder, the PowerARC 200ST feels at home, on the farm, or in the hobbiest’s  garage and features 120V/240V dual voltage operation. Be sure to pick up a gas valve TIG torch and gas regulator if you want to TIG weld with this unit.

Stick Welders Guide Continuted


Welders prefer the use of this method because of its numerous advantages. One of the main reason this method is widely accepted is because it is inexpensive, the equipment is easy to use and very portable. Another reason is that you do not have to worry about regulating the flux because the electrode does the regulating of the flux. Another important factor with stick welding is that it is less affected by the wind than the other procedures, most especially the welding methods that are gas shielded. You can also use this method in any position.

The welding processes survey shows that the stick welding is used more than any other form of welding. It is also versatile, flexible and used by a wider variety of individual. For instance, stick welding can be used to make small repairs around your home or office, you can repair equipment and it is used in the erection of still and other commercial types of joining metal. In some cases there can be problems with stick welding process but the problems are relatively easy to take care of. Some of the most common problems you may run into include:


* Spatter – This basically makes the metal look messy and it is expensive to clean. There are many things you can do to fix this.


* Undercutting – This can weaken the weld and alter the appearance of the metal especially when it has tension.


* Wet Electrodes – If you see that your arc is erratic or it is acting rough, then the electrodes can be wet.


* Cracking – there are different types of cracks can happen in different spaces in the weld, and it can be caused by high carbon or high alloy content.

When you are looking for flux coated electrodes you can find them in many different sizes and lengths. The best way to tell which ones you need is to match the base metal with the properties of the electrodes. You can usually find them in bronze, aluminum bronze, nickel and stainless steel.


Of all the electrical welding methods, stick welding is the most versatile because it can be used to weld more metals together than many of the other methods. It is also one of the easiest to do though it will take practice if you are truly a beginner to welding. However, even when you are a beginner it is quick to learn and with practice, you will do a very good weld using this method.







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