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How to Pick Out the Best Welding Gloves on the Market Today

Welding gloves provide protection to the fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms from heat, sparks, electricity, molten metal, and flames during welding operations. During welding, temperatures can get as high as 1005 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the heat is so extreme, the internal insulation of the glove is just more important than the external lining of the glove; however, both the lining and the insulation vary in the effectiveness of protection and overall comfort of the glove. Here are our reviewers choices of the top welding gloves on the market today:

10 Best Welding Gloves


1| Miller 263342 Arc Armor Heavy Duty MIG/Stick 

Miller 263342

Miller’s long cuff MIG/Stick welding gloves feature premium grain pigskin and cowhide leather, offering superior protection for heavy duty MIG and Stick welding applications. The long cuff has a padded forearm for additional protection and comfort, which makes these gloves ideal for Carbon Arc Gouging as well as other high heat, high spatter welding applications. Gloves feature triple layered insulated back with strategically placed leather patches for extended glove life.


These professional welding gloves give you a maximum level of protection. They’re 21 inches and made from cow leather, giving you the high heat protection that you need while you work. The leather is complimented with a Kevlar sew, giving you a sturdier structure so that you can work in difficult environments with relative ease. They are lined and withstand wear-and-tear with a surprising efficiency.

2|Ironclad HW6X-05-XL Heatworx

Ironclad HW6X

If you’re looking for premium welding gloves that don’t stretch all the way up to your elbow, then you’ll want to give this affordable pair a try. They are lock-stitched to give them added strength and still composed of leather, despite the price. The lining within this glove is soft and stable, taking sweat away from your fingers so you can focus on your project. Perfect for the hobbyist or DIY specialist.


Push protection to the maximum with strong gloves that provide up to 600F heat resistance. Gloves feature a Kovenex palm liner and silicone-laminated Kevlar sidewalls for extreme heat protection in critical areas. A full Kevlar shell provides extra heat protection and improved heat resistance. Breathable flexible and machine washable gloves provide comfortable protection. An extended gauntlet cuff provides extra protection. Style: Work; Wrist Style: Open Cuff; Material(s): Synthetic Leather/Kevlar/ Silicone/Stretch Nylon/ Spandex; Thumb Style: Wing.

3|  KEVLAR Threaded TIG Welding Heavy Duty Leather

Kinco TIG

This X-Large Heavy Duty Pearl MIG/TIG Welders Gloves featuring top grain cowhide construction have a cuff measuring 4″ for extra protection. The standard grade gloves comprise a lock stitching with Kevlar® thread for additional strength. Gloves with wing thumb have provided with a seamless forefinger that permits the user to feel better and dexterity.


These gloves are made from a premium cowhide leather and you can tell the difference in their construction. They have EN420 and EN388 certifications. It is a split leather design, however, so the cuff and palm supports are made from canvas and it contains a cotton lining. They are one of the more comfortable options that are available right now and their durability is something that will support your welding work. The heat-resistance is good, making the glove suitable for wood stove work in addition to welding. They could be a little thicker, but for the price, it’s a solid buy.


4| Miller 263343 Arc Armor MIG/Stick

Miller 263343

These cowhide leather welding gloves are specifically designed for MIG and Stick welding applications. The fit is surprisingly ergonomic, giving the user a strong grip from the palm so that you can work with accuracy. It features a wool-lined back and flame-resistant insulation, supported by a Kevlar thread so that there is an extra level of durability built into the glove. They do tend to get a little warm, but they do fine for plasma cutting and other torch work in addition to the welding work.

Strategically placed patches on palm and back for extended glove life. Double layered insulated palm and back. Premium cow split leather provides extreme durability and protection. Pre-curvedfingers for ergonomic fit and maximum comfort. Wing thumb design for comfort and dexterity. 100%wool-lined back provides flame-resistant insulation. Sewn with 100% flame-resistant Kevlar thread for maximum seam strength.

5| Caiman 1878-5 21-Inch One Size Fits All



Caiman 1878-5

The Caiman 1878-5 is a 21-inch deerskin welding glove that is designed specifically for overhead, plasma, and stick welding. It was also specifically designed to match the natural shape of the human hand and fingers to provide proper finger alignment, comfort, and dexterity. It serves to provide protection all the way up to your forearm. All the pieces of leather are stitched together with 100% Kevlar thread. And there’s even a leather patch along the wrist for added protection and leather reinforcements for increased durability.


6| Steiner 21923-L

Steiner 21923-L

The Steiner 21923-L is made from select shoulder split cowhide leather and features a foam insulated back, full cotton lining, a reinforced thumb strap, and fully welted seams. This comes in two sizes – large (23 inches) and extra large (18 inches).

These gloves are made from Cowhide leather which provides a good mix of durability, dexterity, abrasion resistance, and comfort. They are designed by Steiner, since it was first established in 1975, this company has emerged as one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of welding safety products, gloves, protective clothing, and curtain-style industrial partitions. It is built around a commitment to quality products, manufacturing excellence, and superior service. Their products are carefully designed to provide the utmost level of safety and increased productivity in the workplace.


7|Hobart 770440 Premium Form Fitted


Hobart 770440

The Hobart 770440 welding gloves are made from premium natural grain leather with protective knuckle patches, a padded palm, and a pigskin cuff and backhand. What makes these gloves stand out is the balance it has between performance and protection. It is thick enough, especially with the reinforced portions at the back, knuckles, and palm, to provide good insulation and protection from burns. But it is not so thick that you lose dexterity. These Hobart Premium Welding Gloves feature a form-fitted design that provides comfort and dexterity. Protective knuckle patches, padded palm and Kevlar stitching. Premium natural grain leather; branded pigskin cuff and backhand.


8| Hobart 770710 Ultimate-Fit Leather

Hobart Ultimate

Product description

The Hobart Ultimate Fit Leather Welding Gloves feature an exclusive precurved form-fitting pattern that conforms to the natural shape of your hand. These gloves are a perfect choice for welding, light maintenance, auto repair, farm and ranch and a variety of other projects. Product Type: Welding gloves, Material Type: Pigskin/cowhide leather, Product Style: Leather, Lining: Unlined, Size: L, Color: Tan/black

From the Manufacturer

These exclusive pre-curved form-fitting leather welding gloves are made from high quality split pigskin and cowhide. Their heavy duty Kevlar stitching, super durable design and reinforced thumb saddle are some of the great features that make these gloves a must have. The gloves include an unlined and padded palm with wool-insulated back for better comfort and superior protection.


9| TIGster Premium Flame Resistant Snug Fit Kidskin TIG Welding Glove


The TIGste welding glove is made to fit snug for better hand control, and offers extra premium grain kidskin on the palm. A seamless index finger adds extra dexterity where it’s needed most. The TIGSTER is made with flame-resistant cotton on the back to protect against sparks, and features our exclusive DragPatch® to help extend the life of the glove. Kevlar stitching provides greater protection against sparks, and better abrasion resistance. The Tigster Flame Resistant Welding Gloves are made of soft kidskin and snug-fitting flame-resistant cotton. Features include a seamless index for extra dexterity and an ergonomic keystone thumb. The stitching is constructed with flame-resistant Kevlar.


10| Black Stallion 750 Premium Grain Elkskin Stick Welding Gloves


Black Stallion premium grain elkskin welding gloves are the ultimate in protection for most stick welding applications. Premium grain elkskin resists heat shrinkage and stays soft and comfortable. Nomex inside back lining adds an extra layer of heat protection where you need it most. This pair of welding gloves gets the basics right. The price of the glove is kept down by incorporating leather at the high stress point a glove typically faces: at the palm and the back. A fleece lining has been built into the glove to help with comfort and heat-resistance. There’s also elastic in the back of the glove, right around the wrist, so that you get a more secure fit than most other welding gloves can provide. They’re perfect for a side hustle or hobbyist work.



Best Fit For The Job

To find welding gloves that best fit you and your work, it is important to be familiar with the materials and the available features. Remember price is not as important as safety, so do not just settle for the least expensive gloves. It is okay to go for high-quality welding gloves since there is no such thing as overprotection as long as the gloves do not impede dexterity. There are numerous materials used to make flame retardant gloves, both natural and synthetic. The natural materials category consists of the following: calfskin, cowhide, goatskin, pigskin, treated cotton, deerskin, and wool.


The natural materials are obtained from organic or naturally produced sources such as animals and earth-grown textiles. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, are from non-organic sources. A few examples of non-organic glove materials are Kevlar threading, Nomex, rubber, and aluminized earth-grown textiles. Most synthetic welding gloves are a combination of both organic and non-organic materials.

Many welders, especially the amateurs, make the mistake of assuming that the materials from which welding gloves are made are a matter of preference than performance, that is not the case. Each type and the material base has its own specific properties and qualities that affect its performance and overall use. Having said that, here are a few things to consider before buying new welding gloves. First of all, make sure to buy gloves that are both heat resistant and flame retardant. Heat resistant gloves offer better protection for welding’s high heat operations and flame retardant gloves in combination with heat resistant gloves offer the most protection you can get.


Ask Questions

If the gloves only offer one or the other protection then they are not adequate because they do not offer full protection. Also, ensure that the gloves you have decided to buy have been tested, approved, and meet all related testing standards and requirements. Do not hesitate to ask questions when shopping around for new gloves. It is important to know how durable the gloves are, how long the gloves will last and the kind of protection they offer.



Also, make sure that the gloves are up to par with the kind of work you are going to be using them for. Here are some more important factors to consider. The gloves should allow full range of motion in the forearms, wrists, and fingers; gloves that fit poorly can be just as dangerous as gloves that are not properly insulated and can cause easily preventable accidents. Make sure you explore all of the glove’s options that are available and do not settle for less. Ensure to choose a pair of gloves that work well, and make you feel safe.


Make sure the gloves fit. This does not seem like rocket science but many people use gloves that severely limit dexterity because the gloves are oversized and go far beyond the end of the welder’s fingers. This too can lead to potential hazards. Welding with oversized gloves can lead to a very dangerous and deadly situation. Try gloves on for size, buy only gloves that match and fit into your hand perfectly. Test the gloves by making a fist, they should be comfortable and not overly restrictive. Have in mind that gloves will stretch out some more over time.


Safety Gloves are Essential

Safety gloves are essential items when it comes to welding. Nomex fabric with Kevlar stitching gives maximum high-temperature protection. When deciding on a pair of gloves,  get in touch with other welders and find out what they like and what they don’t. Check the gripping control for maximum flexibility that can be worn comfortably for long periods. These are key factors to consider when buying welding gloves.


The styles of the welding gloves are important and depending on the project, a gauntlet may be important. A gauntlet is a piece of material that insulates the forearm and protects the wrist from sparks and heat. It acts as protection in long sleeve welding gloves. Other things to consider may be foam lining, Kevlar reinforcements, and a reinforced thumb. Durability, comfort, dexterity, protection, flexibility, and cost are the key factors to consider when choosing safety gloves for your welding job. A comparison of welding glove’s material options, styles, pattern variations, and applications will help you choose the most suitable glove.













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